Mellow Life

NUDE glass Climats 500 cc 紅酒杯(1套2件)



【Design by Nude Design Team,土耳其製造】 NUDE Climats 紅酒杯由無鉛水晶鑄造而成,將為任何空間帶來雕塑般的現代感,設計以現代方式詮釋了傳統。 Cast from lead-free crystal, these NUDE Climats red wine glasses will introduce sculptural modernity to any space. With its statuesque stem and curvaceous bowl, the design interprets tradition in a modern way. Each piece has the capacity of 500 cc. 容量: 500 cc / 64 mm / 230 mm 全人手製造 handmade 無鉛水晶玻璃 lead-free crystal glass

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