Mellow Life

NUDE glass Refine Burgundy 紅酒杯 (1套2件)



【Design by Nude Design Team,土耳其製造】 NUDE Refine 系列包括各種精緻而耐用的無鉛水晶玻璃——包括這款勃艮第酒杯,旨在保留香氣和風味。 The NUDE Refine collection comprises a wide range of delicate-yet-durable glasses — including this Burgundy duo. The sturdy base and the tall, slender stem are crowned with a traditional bowl with a tapered rim designed to retain aromas and flavours. 容量: 625 cc / 100 mm / 226.5 mm 全人手製造 handmade 無鉛水晶玻璃 lead-free crystal glass