Mellow Life

NUDE glass Shade 威士忌酒杯 (1套2件)



【Design by Nude Design Team,土耳其製造】 這款 NUDE Shade 是對威士忌世界有點反叛的一面,由無鉛水晶製成,並飾有骷髏圖案雕刻——不僅具有紀念意義和風格,而且還具有豐富的象徵意義。 A somewhat rebellious take on the world of whisky, this NUDE Shade set of two glasses is crafted from lead-free crystal and accented with a sculptural skull motif — not just monumental and architectural, but rich in symbolism, too. A whisky bottle and a cigar ashtray are also available. Available in a set of 2. 容量: 390 cc / 92 mm / 104 mm 全人手製造 handmade 無鉛水晶玻璃 lead-free crystal glass